Okay, well clearly this revival has been long overdue. 

DBZ Tumblr is now back up and running. Fully active!

DBZTumblr - the longest-running DB/Z/GT roleplay here on Tumblr!

We’re a pretty laid-back group, and our roleplays consist of either simple actions, marked with asterisks with dialogue, or paragraphs. For the most part, the world is set after the Buu saga ends, before the timeskip at the end of Dragonball Z.

Despite this, you are free to take a character from any time period and use them! This means you can play characters like GT-saga Trunks, kid Goku, DB-era Yamcha, etc!

Our rules are pretty straight-forward, and we have a load of characters ready for the taking! So drop by and reserve your slot while it’s still there!

And last of all, 





All in a days work. 

It was nothing new to Goku. Fighting the battle of ‘Good Vs. Evil’, something that was all too familiar to this full blood saiyan. When it came to the life of others and the life of himself, Goku knew what he’d choose, and he’d do it over again in a heartbeat. Born a killer but reformed a saviour, this saiyan would do anything to repent for the rest of his kind. This was the best repentance he could think and the best thing about it? Was the fact that he genuinely cared. Others like him would stop at nothing to take another life if that’s what it came down to. Goku, however, took it in his stride to save each and every soul that he was capable of. 

So there he was, one more time, all for one and one for all, the saviour of all mankind stepping out from the shadows once more, to do what’s best for the people. The people who would provide the generation of tomorrow. 

This was, Son Goku, in all his glory. He is the light in the darkness and everyone knows, that in darkness, light shall prevail. 

Don’t be fooled by his look of defeat. Do not sit and worry that this man has nothing left to give anymore. Oh no, far from it. He has so much left to give but just like all of us he needs his rest. The weight of so many lives on one mans shoulders is a lot of to burden but blessed be he has made it this far, he will not be defeated as long as there is reason to keep fighting.